Choose the clothes for the autumn


No matter where you are from, no matter what you call it; autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The crunch of the orange and red leaves that have carpeted the parks and streets. The numerous walks you can take in the cold and fresh air while the sun beams and sets the most beautiful light. Everything about this time of year is just sheer beauty.

However, one of the most difficult things to do is dress for the season. There is the fear of rain coming along and ruining a look, but could a hat fix that? Or do you need to have a hood? Will it be too hot for a hat and scarf? And how will it look with what you are wearing. Basically, autumn is here to test your fashion ability.

The early autumn is not very cold, it is just cool,  may you will feel a little compained, dress too much, you will feel hot, dress T-shirt will feel a little cold.

Don’t worry, choose the Chicloth, we have some tips for it.

So here are the three most important things you can do to pass that test.

Firstly, don’t throw your summer coat to the back of the wardrobe yet.  And you can add a jacket over to ensure you have a hood if needed. This means that when the sun does peer out you can wrap your jumper round your waist and keep that cool autumn look.


Speaking of sweaters, don’t think for a second that you have enough. Autumn is the first step into winter where you are going to need a fashionable sweater. Sadly sometimes our budget will make this easier said than done. But that can be simply overcome. The best thing is to pick up very neutral colors that you can mix and match at any time. The classic tan, yellow and burgundy are your three wardrobe must haves.


The last and by no means at all the least most important thing to any girl’s wardrobe – shoes. This is a tricky one because there are so many different kinds of shoes you could go for. I always go between two different kinds but to be honest, the most important thing is the boot. Whether you wear the ankle boot, the knee high or the thigh high – the boot is the most important thing. They are simple to throw on and can make any outfit. They are also ideal for that autumn dew that is everywhere along with if the rain falls.


Although you will think it is still hot now, you need to prepare them in advance. When it falls cold, you can meet it easily so that you can’t be like a rainy bird.

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Best time, Best Bridesmaid Robes

“You wear a robe to go to bed at night,” she thought. “You wear a robe to get ready. Who gets ready in a robe?” Then it hit her: bridal parties, of course.

From that time, bridesmaid robes got more and more popular.

However, what is the reason that makes it so popular?

At such a big day, i believe the bridesmaid will be the most beautiful, she hopes it will go as the plan, she hopes each detail will be the perfect.

In most options, she hopes there are some special to remember today for the years to come.

The bridesmaid robe doesn’t just present a new fashion category and gift option for the grateful bride. It also created a new style of photograph. They are beautiful and soft, they likely won’t be tossed after the wedding. And they’re generally affordable.

From the social medal, you can offer find someone would be photoed in short, silky robes, they usually sit around the sofa with champagne, then share the different jokes with each other.

Now, there is a website, they contribute the new robes, for several months hard working, they can’t help to share the latest robes.

Chicloth Best Robes For The Bridesmaid And Bridal

A soft matte crepe robe perfect for lounging and modeling alike! The fabric is soft to the touch and lightweight. The lace pattern strays away from some of the more rigid lace pattern and winds its way through the robe giving the appearance of a wavy hem and has delicate threads hang at the ends for a breezy, soft and sophisticated look.

Chicloth Best Bridesmaid Robes & Bridal Robe Bridesmaid Gifts


And we prepare the eight color, you can choose the white, blush, burgundy and other color.
From the front bust part and back, you can personalize the text you like, Bride, Honey and so on. And you can also choose the thread color, and finally the font! Just leave a message. These options can give your robe an extra special touch and make you love it even more!

If you worry the size, you may worry if you order, it will be small or big for you. Please chicloth can provide the US size from US0 to US24, from the length, it can prepare from 34″ to 38.5″, only if you provide the right size, it will fit you well.

And there is a most important point, it is very cheap, the first robe is only $22.99, and the second robe is only $19.99.

Late at night, this robe is a cozy and cute way to relax on the couch and perfect for you to stay the perfect temperature throughout the night.

Chicloth can offer these beautiful robes in so many different colors so that you can find the perfect one for your wedding.

Come on, you will find a lot of nice robes for your bridemaid.